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Elastic Loop Størrelsesguide

Sizing Guide

There are two methods to determining the size you should get for the Elastic Loop. Method 1 is based solely off your wrist size, and Method 2 is based off your wrist size and watch size.

Note: As the Elastic Loop is based on a fixed size with no adjustments possible, sizing can be tricky. Ultimately, the information provided here is just a guide based on the best knowledge that we have. Different watches, different body type, and different wearing conditions will result in slight differences in how the Elastic Loop will fit for you. The best method to get the right size would be to purchase your first Elastic Loop based on the recommendations of our size guide, and size up/down accordingly after you have tried on your first Loop.

Method 1

This method recommends the Elastic Loop size to get based only on your wrist size, and assuming an average sized watch of around 45-48mm lug-to-lug distance.

  • Wrist Size <150mm: 110mm
  • Wrist Size 150mm - 160mm: 120mm
  • Wrist Size 160mm - 170mm: 130mm
  • Wrist Size 170mm - 180mm: 140mm
  • Wrist Size >180mm: 150mm

Method 2

This method recommends the Elastic Loop size to get based on both your wrist size and watch lug-to-lug distance. Follow these steps to determine the size that you need to get for your Elastic Loop.

  1. Find out your wrist size (in mm). Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your wrist, at the spot where you would wear your watch.
  2. Find out the lug-to-lug distance of your watch (Google "<your watch model> lug-to-lug distance" and you should have the distance)
  3. Subtract the lug-to-lug distance from your wrist size, and add 10mm (this is to account for the distance between the lug holes and end of case, the distance between the spring bars to the end of strap, and extra allowance for watch cases that do not hug the wrist perfectly). That's the ideal strap length that you need.
  4. Round off to the nearest length (110, 120, 130, 140 or 150) for the actual strap length that you should get. If you are between sizes, we recommend you to size up.

Example 1

  1. Wrist Size: 165mm
  2. Omega Speedmaster Professional, lug-to-lug distance: 47mm
  3. Ideal Strap Length: 165mm - 47mm + 10mm = 128mm
  4. Actual Strap Length: 130mm (recommended)

Example 2

  1. Wrist Size: 150mm
  2. Lange Saxonia 37mm, lug-to-lug distance: 43mm
  3. Ideal Strap Length: 150mm - 43mm + 10mm = 113mm
  4. Actual Strap Length: 120mm (recommended to size up)

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